2018 CANNES Jury Prize
2018 ANTALYA Best Actor, Young Jury Best Film


"–Why are you suing your own parents? –For giving me life."
Lebanese director Nadine Labaki’s award-winning film at Cannes begins with this dialogue. Moving and sentimental, Capernaum tells the brief life of 12-year-old Zain, who claims that he has received nothing but love from his parents, that he was ignored, abused, not even registered at his birth. Zain runs away from home, roams through the most deprived neighbourhoods of Beirut, struggles for survival in the arms of a refugee woman, and finally sues his parents. Tackling issues such as childhood, family, migration, and love, the film’s young lead actor Zain Al Rafeea actually went through similar hardships as the child of a Syrian refugee family in Beirut. Nadine Labaki was a guest of the Istanbul Film Festival in 2008 with her film Caramel.