2018 CANNES Directors’ Fortnight–Best Film

Irreversible, Love, Enter the Void and I Stand Alone are Gaspar Noé’s films that have broken conventions and provoked audiences, and his latest one that premiered at Cannes is yet another controversial work that reflects his "dreams and nightmares" onto the screen. Described as "a cinematic dance party that descends into hell," Climax focuses on dancers practicing for their upcoming show; after a late-hour rehearsal, things go awry with an unexpected incident. Dancers selected by dancer-musician Kiddy Smile from Paris dance battles are cast in Climax, and the choreographies carry the signature of Nina McNeely who has worked with Diplo, Sia, Björk, Rihanna and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Certain scenes in this film might not be suitable for younger audiences.