We watched Dumont’s musical Joan of Arc last year at Filmekimi, and met Quinquin in 2015 with L’il Quinquin. Broken nosed Quinquin has grown up calling himself CoinCoin now, and attends the conventions of the National Front. His former love interest Eve is dating a girl named Corinne. Fatso is still overweight. The blinking Superintendent Van der Weyden is still a goofhead. But this time around, the windy northern coast of France is not producing murdered people, instead, an alien invasion is in process, though the aliens in question are not your standard little green men—instead they are like tar blobs falling from the sky.

Empowered by quirky humour and physical comedy and farce, drawing from Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Peter Sellers, CoinCoin makes fun of both the state of affairs in France and in the world. "Life is a tragicomedy," quips Dumont, "Coincoin talks about how people view the ’other’."