From Filmekimi

"Coincoin and the Extra Humans" at Filmekimi

First screened at Locarno Film Festival where Bruno Dumont received a Lifetime Achievement Award, Coincoin et les z’inhumains / Coincoin and the Extra Humans maintains Dumont’s quirky sense of humour and once again places the young Quinquin and his lot at the centre of his film. A teenager now, Quinquin calls himself CoinCoin, and attends the meetings of the Front National. However this time, there are not cows and dead bodies on the windy coasts of Northern France, but instead, tar-like sploshes fall from the skies, which turn out to be invading aliens. Last year at Filmekimi we had seen Dumont’s musical rendition of the tale of Joan of Arc, Jeannette, and we has first met the little rascal Quinquin in 2015 at Filmekimi as well.