2018 CANNES Best Screenplay, Cinephile Society Best Director
2018 JERUSALEM In Spirit for Freedom Award
2018 BATUMI Best Director, Best Actor, Critics' Jury--Special Mention


Alice Rohrwacher’s Cannes award-winner tells a tale of friendship that takes place in present day and is adorned with mystical elements. Following a non-linear timeline and shot on 16mm film, Happy As Lazzaro follows the titular young farmer Lazzaro—a monument of goodness who lives in an idyllic village, and sets on a voyage through both time and space to find his best friend, the noble Tancredi. Much discussed for the Best Actor Award at Cannes, Adriano Tardiolo is astonishing as the saint without miracles. Alice Rohrwacher, whose The Wonders was internationally acclaimed, evokes Pasolini’s works in style and content in her latest film.