2018 FRANCE Prix Jean Vigo
2018 REYKJAVIK Best Film


The aesthetics of 1970s, passionate love affairs, obsessed murderers, and a classy eroticism surrounding serial murders akin to slasher films... If Brian de Palma had filmed Cruising, or Bruce LaBruce had shot Profondo Rosso, it would have probably felt and seemed like Knife+Heart which premiered at Cannes where it vied for the Palm d’Or. In Knife+Heart, Vanessa Paradis presents one of her most memorable performances as erotic film director Anne, who tracks down the serial killer who has been murdering her actors, while trying to fix the ruins of her detrimental romance with her editor. With a blatant humour that parodies clichés of the genre, stylistic art direction, fast pace, and a wonderful soundtrack, Knife+Heart might become the next queer classic.

Certain scenes in this film might not be suitable for younger audiences.