Following the multi-award winning El Clan, director Pablo Trapero continues his exploration of family and the legacy of Argentina’s troubled past through three female members of a family. Premiering at Venice Film Festival, La Quietud opens with Eugenia returning to La Quietud, the family estate near Buenos Aires, after long years of absence, and following her father’s stroke, where she is reunited with her mother and sister. The three women are forced to confront the emotional traumas and dark secrets of their shared past, which played out against the backdrop of the military dictatorship. Long-buried grievances resurface and jealousies are revealed, all amplified by the unsettling physical resemblance between the two sisters... Featuring Trapero regular (and spouse) Martina Gusman, Oscar nominee Bérénice Bejo (The Artist) as two sisters, La Quietud is "an intimate movie about the female universe and sisterhood," according to Trapero. "La Quietud invites the viewer to share the unique depths of our characters, their story and their surroundings, and suggests the audience submerge into the emotional labyrinths in which these desperate and beautiful characters will play out their story."