2018 BERLIN Best Screenplay

When burglars broke into Mexico's Museum of Anthropology on Christmas Day, 1985, they made off with some of the country's most valuable national treasures. The National Anthropology Museum still is considered one of Mexico’s most treasured, iconic almost sacred sites. This was one of the biggest museum heists in history, and shocked and puzzled authorities for a long time until it was discovered that the perpetrators were a duo of bored veterinary school students in their 30s. Museo chronicles the most infamous loot of Mexico from a personal view. Museo is Alonso Ruizpalacios's second feature after the award-winning festival hit Güeros. Some real characters involved in the heist were interviewed during the writing process. Gael Garcia Bernal came on board to star as well as to executive produce Museo. Shot over 3 months in locations in Mexico City, Acapulco and Palenque, this was the first time a team was allowed to film inside of the iconic Anthropology Museum.