2018 CABOURG Best Actor
2018 CANNES Cinephile Society Best Screenplay

Exploring young romance in Love Songs, passion in Man at Bath, and sorrow in The Beautiful Person, Christophe Honoré focuses on intergenerational love in his latest film which feels like a sad dream. Described by Honoré as "a film about first love and last love—not the film of an impossible love but of an impossible life," Sorry Angel is set in 1990s Paris and follows the romance between Jacques, a writer pushing 40, and Arthur, a student aspiring to become a filmmaker. Sorry Angel emotionally reflects the contrast between love and loss, youth and aging, flirting and sexuality, past pains and the hope for the future. The film stars Pierre Deladonchamps, who had starred in Stranger by the Lake.

Certain scenes in this film might not be suitable for younger audiences.