Ticket Sales

Ticket Prices
   Regular  Discount   Tulip
 Weekdays (11.00-13.30-16.00)   12 TL   12 TL   12 TL
 Weekdays (19.00)   30 TL   18 TL   24 TL
 Weekend (11.00-13.30-16.00-19.00)   30 TL   18 TL    24 TL
  All 21.30 screenings   30 TL   30 TL   24 TL








Tickets will be on sale, without any added service fees, as of Saturday, 28 September, 10.30, through the Biletix system [Biletix retail outlets, Biletix call centre (0850 755 55 55), biletix.com,] and at Atlas and Rexx movie theatres between 10.30 and 19.00. The priority sales period for Black and White Tulip Card members is 24 September; and 25-26-27 September for Red, Orange, and Yellow Tulip Card members, 28 September for Blue Tulip card members.

During the priority sales and general sales periods, box offices will operate distributing Qmatic numbers at Atlas and Rexx at 09.00.

During this period, Black, White, Orange and Red Tulip Card members can buy only two (2) tickets for each screening, while Yellow Tulip card members can only buy one (1). Kültür Sanat Card owners can buy a maximum of 2 tickets. A maximum of 6 tickets can be bought per screening.

Tickets for members will be available during this period without any service fee, at the Tulip Card Communication Centre (0850 755 02 60), Biletix sales channels (biletix.com and retail outlets), and at box offices of Beyoğlu Atlas and Kadıköy Rexx movie theatres between 10.30 and 19.00.

A limited number of tickets are reserved for Tulip Card members during the priority sales period; ticket requests for screenings that have ran out of member capacity will need to be reiterated during the general sales period.

As per legal regulations, all screenings are restricted to persons over 18 years of age, unless stated otherwise.

As per legal regulations, all screenings are restricted to persons over 18 years of age, unless stated otherwise.

There will be no intermission during screenings.

*Discount tickets are for students and senior citizens (65+) and valid IDs or proper documents must be produced at entrances together with discount tickets; otherwise difference tickets need to be purchased.

Black, White, and Red Tulip Card members can purchase only two (2), Yellow Tulip card members one (1) discounted tickets for each screening.

Only two (2) tickets can be purchased by using Kültür Sanat Card.

The maximum number of tickets available for purchase for a single screening is six (6).

There will be no intermissions.

Latecomers will not be admitted after the screening of a film begins, in the event of which tickets will not be refunded. Patrons are kindly requested to be on time to prevent inconveniences at the entrance.

All screenings of all films will have electronic Turkish subtitles. In cases of technical problems with the subtitling system which cannot be repaired, the film will be shown without subtitles.

Every effort is made to keep to the scheduled programme, but it is subject to change. Once purchased, tickets cannot be returned except in the case of a programme alteration.

It is prohibited to consume tobacco or tobacco products including electronic cigarettes, and alcohol or alcoholic beverages within the screening halls.