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Uncompromising styles awarded at Cannes: LIBERTÉ and JEANNE at Filmekimi!

One of the most radical filmmakers of our times, Albert Serra tackles 18th century France and the social controversies of the era in an unconventional style in LIBERTÉ.

LIBERTÉ follows a group of libertine aristocrats fleeing from the repressive puritan reign of the French king Louis 16 to the woods near Berlin to adopt a life of pure pleasure rejecting moralist authority.

Provocative, bold, and intense, LIBERTÉ won the Jury Special prize at the A Certain Look section at Cannes where it premiered.

Bruno Dumont concludes his series of musical films depicting the life of Joan of Arc with JEANNE / JOAN OF ARC which follows Jeannette.

Winning the Jury’s Special Distinction within the A Certain Look section of the Cannes Film Festival, JEANNE continues where Jeannette has left off, and follows the adolescent Joan of Arc as she leads the French army against the English and is tried for blasphemy.

Jeannete featured songs and music by Igorrr who had give a concert for Filmekimi in 2017, whereas JEANNE’s soundtrack is composed by Christophe, one of France’s most influential musicians.

Praised especially for its striking cinematography, JEANNE stars Lisa Leplat Prduhomme again as Joan of Arc.