Nature, traditions, myths, the secret of existence and maybe even life form the delicate nucleus of Naomi Kawase’s latest film which premiered at San Sebastian. Juliette Binoche, who also stars in Non-fiction in the Filmekimi programme, is a French essayist who has come to Japan in search of "vision," an herb that appears but once every 997 years and is said to vanquish weakness and agony in those who consume it. She meets here the 1000-year-old wise Aki who claims that "The One" is about to arrive," suddenly disappears after which the forest seems to change. The film is set and shot in the Nara region of Japan, the hometown of Kawase, whose films Still the Water, Radiance and An we have seen earlier. Vision is an almost mythological experience that will imprint especially its sound design and imagery on our minds, glorifying the fragile bonds between nature and humans, emphasising that differences in culture or language do not stand in the way of building bonds between humans.