2018 LA OUTFEST Grand Jury Award
2018 SUNDANCE Innovator Award

Displaying a familial love never before seen on screen–brutal, intimate, messy, and joyous at the same time– We the Animals follows three young brothers caught in the midst of their parents’ volatile love. While two older brothers grow into versions of their unpredictable father, the youngest, Jonah increasingly embraces an imagined world all his own. Premiering at Sundance, We the Animals is the debut narrative feature of Jeremiah Zagar, whose first documentary In a Dream, was shortlisted for an Academy Award. Drawing from his documentary background, director Jeremiah Zagar creates an immersive portrait of working class family life and brotherhood – including three talented, young first-time actors – and stunning animated sequences. The film is adapted from Justin Torres’ poetic novel based on his own childhood in upstate New York.