2018 CANNES Critics Week - SACD Prize

Benedikt Erlingsson's second feature which premiered at Cannes within the Critics Week section is an impressive follow-up to his striking debut, Of Horses and Men, and is a skilfully crafted "intelligent feel-good film that knows how to tackle urgent global issues with humour as well as a satisfying sense of justice," according to Variety magazine. Woman at War is set in the Icelandic highlands, and follows Halla, a committed undercover eco-activist trying to save Iceland’s natural landscapes from industrialist destruction, but when a long-desired child becomes available for adoption, she must choose between the greater good and her own dreams. Mingling Nordic humour with global issues and a sense of justice on a backdrop of breathtaking nature landscapes, Woman at War is "a heroic tale set in our world of imminent threat. A heroic tale told as an adventure. A serious fairy tale told with a smile," in the words of director Erlingsson. Woman At War was declared Iceland's Oscar nominee.