Always controversial and adept at genre-crossing, Paul Verhoeven returns to the screens with another provocative follow up to his 2016 suspense drama Elle. Premiering at Cannes 2021, Benedetta's titular protagonist is a novice nun who rises the ranks fast to become the abbess of a convent in Toscana. Shortly, she is revered as a mystic due to her miraculous visions and stigmata she produces. When her affair with another nun is discovered however, she is arrested and incarcerated. Inspired by the true story of 17th century nun Benedetta Carlini, Verhoeven, as accustomed, opens up space to philosophical, political, and religious discussions in the nevertheless provocative Benedetta, which in effect is a briskly paced, engrossing, sophisticated period film set in the middle ages.

Scenes depicting sexuality/violence in this film might be disturbing for some viewers.